About Us

The Abbott House once owned and occupied by Charles and Erma Abbott, Uncle and Aunt to the famous Bud Abbott.  The house and surrounding area are chalk full of history.  Book a night with us and see some of the history left behind by the families that have lived here over the years and bask in the beauty of the old house.


Abbott and Costello


Abbott and Costello were an American comedy duo composed of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, whose work on radio and in film and television made them the most popular comedy team of the 1940s and early 1950s. Their patter routine "Who's on First?" is one of the best-known comedy routines of all time, and set the framework for many of their best-known comedy bits

Abbott and Costello had been known to visit the area and entertain as seen in this picture in the early 1940s with an official of the Bloomsburg Fair. In 1942 Bud Abbott was awarded the Key to Bloomsburg. It was kept here in Espy with his Aunt Erma

and Uncle Charles Abbott.

Joseph Deterick was a local icon and beloved resident of Espy for over 50 years.  Joe and his wife Ethel bought this house in 1957 and shortly thereafter constructed a barber shop at the front of the house.   This is where generations of families would come to get a cut or a shave.  Joe always had time to tell a story or two and sit on the porch with friends.  Joe learned his trade while serving in the US Navy and then was formally schooled at the Philadelphia Barber School.  Joe volunteered with the local fire company.  Every year for decades he would dress as Santa Clause, climb in a fire truck and ride up and down every street in Espy handing out goodies to all the kids.  In 2014 before his passing he was awarded a trophy for the oldest active fire fighter.  It is only fitting that we honor his legacy in our Barber Shop room.

The Inn Keepers

​Michele and Dennis Kuhar are lifetime local residents of Bloomsburg.  Michele has a family history in Espy, her father was raised here and her grandparents lived here until their passing.  Aunts, Uncles, cousins, sister, and Brother in law still live within walking distance of the inn.  Dennis is a firefighter with a local fire department and has family in the surrounding areaTogether they have two grown sons, Joe and Vince, that you my see working around the inn or grounds.